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Keeping you ahead

Welcome to Omegapoint

We build a future where technology can be trusted

We take every opportunity to evolve

We believe kindness is cool and the key to our success

  • We are hungry. We want to grow, and we want to become the best there is


  • Give a lot to gain a lot. If you are willing to pitch in, you’ll get a lot back – that is an important staple of our culture


Student and curious about Omegapoint?

We are Omegapoint

  • I have been a part of Omegapoint's Trainee Program for the past year while at the same time working on an exciting customer project where we developed a cloud-native application from scratch using a microservices architecture. I enjoy solving problems with code on a daily basis and doing it with kind, fun, and competent colleagues.


    Software Developer Consultant

  • I work as a penetration tester in the offensive security team. My main task is to hack web applications, networks and infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities through manual testing. Discovering vulnerabilities while helping other companies improve their cyber security is the best part of my role.


    Penetration Tester Consultant